[VIDEO] Rafting in Bosnia

Last week I was rafting in Bosnia. Second time in a row I am visiting the same camp: Rafting centar Drina-Rara. It is located next to river, surrounded by nature. Accommodation is in small houses made out of wood. Camp can host more […]

Uruguay – hidden treasure of Latin America

Uruguay is a magical country, a country of freedom. Its population is 3 million and a half of it lives in Montevideo. Situated between Argentina and Brazil, it rests on the seaside. Natalia, a friend of mine I met last […]

How I built a mud house in Uruguay

When we say “a mud house” people usually think of something belonging to a distant history, something primitive and impossible to build in urban areas. We usually identify this concept with the houses in Africa, India and other third-world developing […]

One day in Rio

Brazil is beautiful, enormous and has a special vibe because of its very open-minded people. Out of all places I have visited so far, Rio is the one that left a great impression because of its uniqueness. If you are […]

How to travel for free

This is the question people ask me most often both in person and via my blog: How can I travel for free or with little money? It is very easy and anyone can do it, the question is whether you want […]

Let’s be honest – traveling is not for everyone

People envy me for traveling so much, they write to me asking for advice on how to travel the cheapest, safest and fastest. In order not to respond to the same question asked in each e-mail and message, I decided to write a […]