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Three days in KL are enough

KL stands for the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. When I made my travel itinerary, I consulted a couple of people who live in KL. They all said the same thing: do not stay here for more than three days, it is more than enough. They were right.

Two days before my arrival, the smog coming from Indonesia withdrew. They told me that they were not able to see the sun because of smog. All  of them wore masks overt their mouths. I’m glad that I was lucky enough to avoid that.

While I was in Sri Lanka, one Serbian girl Marina who lives and works in KL contacted me. She saw my interview for HelloWorld so she offered me a place to stay. I gladly accepted. She not only offered accommodation but she also gave me some great tips about places to eat and what to visit.

KL was a total shock to me after Sri Lanka. I liked having a shower everyday and wearing underwear, but I realized that I’m no longer the same. I do not look at the world the same. The first huge fountain that I saw shocked me. I thought that people need to shut it down because in this way we are needlessly spending precious resources that we have. My mind set has changed because in Sri Lanka I had to save water because I often didn’t have it. Only when you lose something you see how much it is actually worth.

Malaysia is a multicultural country. About 60% of the population is Muslim, 20% Buddhist and the rest are Hindi, and Catholics, etc. Islam has a lot of influence on KL’s vibe. For example, they have separate compartments for women in trains. It is forbidden to kiss in taxi and public transport. Personally I was very surprised to see some girls who have Asian features wearing headscarves. Somehow it just did not go together. In my head, Asians are Buddhists, but obviously Islam’s influence has spread across Asia and is much deeper than I expected.

There are some Serbs living and working in KL. I met up with two friends- Vladimir and Lazar. Given that they have been living in KL for two years, I asked them to write a few sentences about their impression of KL.


Lazar Pašajlić (man in the middle in the picture above): “I have lived in Malaysia for two years and to be honest, life here is completely chaotic!

Asia is a stark contrast from Europe regarding culture, religion, mentality and a different way of life, which is completely different. Population is mostly Muslim and very tradition-oriented, but it has its advantages and disadvantages.
Here life is quite slow, without undue stress, rush, but with the usual chaotic days to which we are all used to (besides terrible traffic jams!). People are always friendly, approachable, joyful  so it is great to work and live here (but you have to have nerves of steel and a lot of patience). A big advantage is that Kuala Lumpur’s location which practically makes KL a low cost airline hub from where you can, very conveniently, fly to any destination in entire Asia. In any case – if travelling actross Asia is on your bucket list – Malaysia is certainly one of the most recommended destination! ”

See what you can experience in one day in KL:

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