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Elephant ride in Phuket

In Thailand I decided to try various activities I have not tried before. One of these was to ride an elephant. I must admit that it was a great experience but for moral reasons I will never do it again. These poor elephants are so trained that they are no longer animals but rather robots that walk the same route every single day for, who knows, how many times. And why? In most cases, because of some tourists that want to have a bit of fun and take photos to post on Facebook.

During the first part of the ride I sat in the seat on the elephant’s back and during the second part I was sat on the elephant’s neck, which felt so much different. While you are in the seat, it feels unnatural, since you keep swinging all the time, it’s horrible. Especially when the elephant is going downhill. But when I sat on his neck, I somehow merged and moved together with him, my feet were behind his ear and when we passed through the trees, he would fold his ears covering my legs in order for me not to get scratched. Not only was it easier to sit on his neck, but I felt more like his friend because I was in direct contact with him. So when you ride in the seat it is just kind of insulting.

These elephants are taken care of, they are fed regularly and have all conditions they need, but I believe that they are not happy. So since I was there, and I had already paid for the tour, I decided to do it but to give a lot of love to the elephant. I asked for his name, cuddled him, and I even sang to him. Yes, I sang to the elephant and I believe that he found it bit amusing.

I made a short video to show you my experience. If you want to try it, ask to be seated directly on an elephant and not in the seat. While watching the video, ask yourself whether someone rides you every day and in return gives you security in terms of food and living conditions, and you have all that, but you are still not happy … 🙂

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