My country is the World. My religion is to be Human.

Are you a slave, too?

Since I started this journey, people never stop asking me: Is it hard for you to travel on your own? This is the question I get from all sides, from Serbia and from people I meet while traveling. My answer is: I’m not alone, I have all these people around me.

It made me think about why people find it hard to be alone? Why are people afraid of loneliness? In fact, when you are alone and when you familiarize yourself with yourself (get to know yourself), then you realize that you you are your own best friend and that you will never find a better one. You realize how much you actually have fun when you are alone with your thoughts.  Only when you get rid of slavery of solitude and the need to always be in the company of others, only then will you spend more quality time with other people.


In addition to the liberation of loneliness, it is very important that we start the liberation from being slaves to material things. We came into the social stage where it truly matter what you’re wearing and how you are dressed, whether our clothes is fitting or whether the colours are paired. Do you realize how superficial that actually is? Only when you feel good wearing the worst rags, then it is ok for you to wear beautiful clothes. It’s bad when you are a slave of being beautiful and getting ready.

Advice and conclusion
People do not want to stay alone because they are afraid of dealing with their imperfect personalities. Expensive items are used as the mask with the aim of hiding what lies underneath. My advice to all those who recognize themselves in this post is to go somewhere in nature for a few days all by themselves, without the Internet connection, phone or any kind of contact with the outside world. For those few days, you will get to know yourself in a way you did not have a chance to in the past few years in the jungle of sounds, smells, appointments, people and concrete. The thing that you will realize is that you are imperfect and that’s the beauty of this world, in the diversity.


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