My country is the World. My religion is to be Human.

Every day I wish you…

New Year has arrived and with it many different wishes. I started receiving e-mails, text messages, my social media profiles were on fire… Most of the messages were generic: I wish you love, happiness, health and so on.

I decided to answer all of you with a blog post where I will write about what I want for the people on Earth in 2016 in general and for every person individually. All that I want for you, I wish you every day and not just this one day in a year.

In general, I want us to:
1. stop destroying the planet faster than it can recover

10641180_1526395577677817_2722540294940293872_nPicture taken from this link.

2. respect the diversity because that is the beauty of this world. Let’s learn from each other.

threepeople_mdPicture taken from this link.

3. do not detach people because of their religious beliefs, skin color or nationality (in my opinion, this is the highest level of human absurdity)

12376077_1526395531011155_472777739506659674_nPicture taken from this link.

4. learn how to share! There is enough of everything in the world, if we all learned how to share, we’d all have enough.

12347850_1526395441011164_5887743850636694340_nPicture taken from this link.

5. stop with these absurd wars and the destruction of all that we have creating for centuries

10364184_10155001234200444_5178364910873643352_nGaza. Photo by Belal Khaled

What I want for you as individuals are the following things:

  1. Everything you need you already have, become aware of this.
  2. Do not chase money because you will never catch it, go after the experience and knowledge because it will remain with you forever.
  3. Live in the present, in the moment – past and future are something you will never get a hold of.
  4. Learn to love yourself so that others can love you, too.
  5. Know yourself, so that people can know you, as well.
  6. Stop whining and take your life in your hands (it is scary but it is very possible).
  7. Live your life the way you want to, not how others want you to live.
  8. Remove your everyday mask, show who you really are. Only then will you be able to fully shine and find your place under the sun.

So, I can wish you happiness every day of every year, but it is in your hands, you have to want that for yourself.

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