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From the heights to the depths of the sea in Thailand

Before you start reading this post, ask yourself when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Given that Phuket is known as a Thai island of fun. Therefore I decided to have some fun. On Phuket I said to myself that I am going to do things that I am scared off. I’m afraid of heights, but I went parasailing. I’m afraid of large animals but I still rode an elephant (I already wrote a blog post about it on this link). I also went to the so-called bamboo rafting where I went down the river on a raft made out of bamboo. I am terrified of diving but I still went and dove. These are the four things that, for the first time in my life I have tried and I was lucky enough for it to be on Phuket.

I’ve decided to do things that scare me in order to expand my comfort zone. I do not want to be a slave of  the statistics and my mind and watch my life go by in counting the things I missed out on because of my fears.

Bamboo rafting was quite easy. Although the raft is made out of bamboo, it is very sturdy. It sinks into the water a little bit when there are more people on it, but it’s not that terrible, it floats. The only dangerous thing I encountered while bamboo rafting were the snakes hanging from the surrounding trees. Fortunately they could not reach us but if they had fallen from the tree on the raft, I would have been in massive trouble.

Parasailing was surprisingly pleasant, although it looked terrifying before I set off. Even though it  pertty high, I wasn’t scared at all. On the contrary, I enjoyed it a lot. That was an extra plus for my desire to jump out of a plane with a parachute. The interesting thing here is that while I was in the air there was a local with me who was not tied like I was, he just held on to the ropes. What a crazy thing to do.
iznad moje glave

Diving was the hardest. The feeling that you are surrounded by water and you cannot breathe without some device is horrifying. It was really hard and I thought about giving up the first few times and got out of the water. I was struggling but managed to overcome my fear and stay an hour underwater. Although it was hard, I did not let that spoil the overall impression.

Video of riding an elephant can be seen at the link. Take a look at one new video of me parasailing, diving and bamboo rafting:

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