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How to get head lice in Thailand

If you are in Thailand and  you want to get head lice, I’ve got great tips for you. The first thing you need to do is go to the local market, messier the better. I recommend you touch everything you can while you are there and then touch your hair. It does not work 100%, but perhaps you can give it a try.

pijacaLocal market in Thailand

Play with children on the street and if they want to hug you, do not hesitate. You know that the fastest way to get head lice is through contact with children.

If neither the market nor the children work, then you need to move on to the much harsher measures. Public transports are an ideal place for getting head lice. I recommend you rest your head on the seat. Also, if you have long hair, be sure let your hair down.

Another very effective way to get head lice is by visiting local communities where travelers sleep in one room, sometimes even 20 of them.

Local Thai family in their yard

If none of the above works, then I recommend you do exactly what worked for me and that is to visit the cheapest hostels. That is how I got head lice.

Now, when you have head lice, you will be very uncomfortable. I do not know if it was up to me, but head  lice in Thailand are stronger than the ones in Serbian.

After a few days you will get bored and you will want to get rid of them. But there will be a problem: how to explain to the woman working at the pharmacy, who does not speak a word of English, that you need a lice shampoo. After a few unsuccessful attempts trying to explain to her what I need by using hand gestures, I decided to draw in order for her to understadn what I need. Advice for drawing: Draw a lice (you can see how they look like in the first picture) and head with hair. Draw an arrow that points to the head. Then point at your head and with two fingers try simulating crawling. At that moment they will understand what you want and give you a shampoo you need.

After 20 days of agony, my love affair with head lice finally ended. Constant combing and washing your hair with a special shampoo will make lice reduce drastically and eventually disappear.

I hope I gave you some useful tips for getting lice. If you fail at all of the above, please contact me, I have a few more tips up my sleeve. And think twice before you wish for something, it might come true.

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  1. Michelle gaduet

    5th Jan 2018 - 18:42

    My daugher is doing a misson in Thailand and has another 8 days before she leaves to go back to AUS, then back to US in 2 weeks. She has long think, curly blonde hair. She has just told me she has lice and is freaking out. Any tricks or specific meds to help her?

    I appriciate your reply.


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