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We donated books to the orphanage in Thailand [+video]

In Thailand, people take good care of each other. People are impoverished, but you can rarely see a hungry man begging for money or food. If you find this illogical, how would you react if I told you that I met a man who opened an orphanage on his property for children who lost their parents. He started providing accomodation and food to abandoned children on his property until one day that number amounted to 40. Nowadays, they are able to survive thanks to donations in food and money from the whole village, buddhist temples and various travelers passing by just like we did.

Now this orphanage has a school, a kitchen for children who eat regularly and everything else they need for their unhindered development. From an early age they start learning English. The orphanage is located in a village near a city called Khon Khen in the heart of Thailand. If one of you is willing to spend a month or two with these kids to help them learn English, let me know and I’ll you get in touch with the founder of this orphanage full of beautiful children.

My friends and I visited them one day and brought them a bunch of books. I think they liked the books, but what they liked even more is those few hours that we spent with them.

Take a look at the video that will show you at least some of this beauty:

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