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The day I learned to drive a tractor in a rice field

After Phuket, the next interesting destination for me the village near the city of Khon Kaen in the heart of Thailand. There I stayed in a house in the countryside with other fifteen travellers. We all lived together, enjoyed exchanging experiences and knowledge.


Besides that, we also helped the locals in the village. One of the interesting activities was driving a tractor in a rice field. We decided to help our neighbours from the village to pick rice from the fields. I jumped at the opportunity to ask them to teach me how to drive a tractor. Although we did not speak the same language, we understood each other perfectly (you can see in the video). 🙂

Of course there was not a shop in the rice field and we wanted something sweet to eat so we went for some sugarcane. Look at the video to see what it looks like. It tastes a lot like sugared water. It is refreshing and sweet, what more do we need?


Take a look at the video of me driving a tractor with pink sunglasses and pink swimsuit (because the only bra I had with me was drying). At the end of the video you will find behind the scenes section where you can see how I was able to communicate with the tractor driver. I figured out that ninoy meant gas and chup means stop:

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